Paper on multi-query optimization accepted at SIGMOD 2024

Congratulations to Songsong, Yile for publishing the paper “Lemo: A Cache-Enhanced Learned Optimizer for Concurrent Queries” at SIGMOD 2024.

With the expansion of modern database services, multi-user access has become a crucial feature in various practical application scenarios, including enterprise applications and e-commerce platforms. However, if multiple users submit queries within a short time frame, it can result in potential issues such as redundant computation and query concurrency. Unfortunately, most existing multi-query optimization methods, which aim to enhance query processing efficiency, have not adequately addressed these two problems, especially in the setting where multiple queries are being executed concurrently. To this end, we propose a novel method named Lemo for the multi-query optimization problem. Specifically, we propose a novel value network to predict latencies of concurrent queries as the foundation model for query plan generation. Furthermore, we introduce a shared buffer manager component to cache the intermediate results of sub-queries. The shared buffer manager applies a novel replacement policy to maintain the cached buffer with the objective of maximizing the opportunity for the reuse of the cached sub-queries. Based on the shared buffer, our proposed value network can incorporate the cached results into cost estimation to further guide Lemo in generating query plans, thus avoiding redundant computation. Lemo has been integrated into PostgreSQL and experiments conducted on real datasets with PostgreSQL show that it outperforms all the baselines in efficiency.


My research interests include data mangement and data mining.